AMSA catches up with Section 9813

What AMSA knows about Section 9813 – as of March 24, 2021 (Link updated Jan 12, 2022)

Q – What qualifies an operator to receive funding?

A – Operators must be approved for Medicaid billing. Basic other qualifications are listed in the initial rules.

Q – What’s the urgency?

A – Funding for services will not be available for 15+ months from now. Limited funding for planning will be available in a couple of months.

Q – Who’s in charge at the Federal level?

A – Chiquita Brooks-LaSure has been nominated to be the next director of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Leadership will be announced some time after confirmation – a couple of months.

More about Chiquita Brooks-LaSure

Q – Will there be more rules issued by CMS?

A – CMS always has additional rules.

Q – Who’s in charge at the state level?

A – Likely someone with your state Medicaid office. IMSA will have a list of contact people for our April meeting.

Q – Which state agency will provide the funding?

A – Medicaid. At this point funding will be available by Medicaid through a claims process.

Q – Will states need to do anything to be eligible for these funds?

A – Maybe not. Some states and territories already have a CMS Section 1115 waiver. Section 1115 waivers to the Social Security Act are vehicles states can use to test new or existing ways to deliver and pay for health care services in Medicaid. Section 9813 is within this waiver.

These states and territories DO NOT have a 1115 waiver – Arizona, Connecticut, Kansas, Nevada, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Utah.

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